All payments should be PayPaled to

Glitz retouches are $165 each

Natural retouches are $125 each

Rush fees should be added to each rushed photo

Shipping fees are paid for each order.

$20 additional fee for Toni to pick photos.

Order Form - UPDATED 6/12/2023
Please email if you have questions
Prices per picture:        Glitz Retouch - $165           Natural/Print Model Retouching - $125       
Please add $20 to your order if you want Toni to pick your proofs.  Please put a note in the comments for her to pick.       
Rush Fees are per picture and in addition to the enlargement price, the rushes we offer are outlined below.
Glitz 5 day to 7 day rush $165                Natural 5 day to 7 day rush $125  
Glitz 8 days to 14 day rush $125              Natural 8 days to 14 day rush $100
Glitz 15 days to 21 day rush $75               Natural 15 days to 21 day rush $50 
Glitz 22 days to 42 day rush $50               Natural 22 days to 42 day rush $25
Shipping: $35 per shipment, not per picture.  If photos need to be overnighted there is an additional $40 fee.
One order, one due date = one shipping fee.  One order, two different due dates = two shipping fees.
If your order contains two different rush fees an additional shipping fee may be needed to ensure you get your prints on time.
Payment should be total including all pictures, any rush fees and shipping cost.
All photos are approved by Toni PRIOR to emailing previews.  There will be one set of corrections at no additional cost.
Excessive corrections will require an additional fee and are at the discretion of the Retoucher.
Natural retouches include smoothing the skin, brightening the eyes and removing stray hairs.

 We need the numbers under the picture on the proof sheets plus the date printed on each sheet.   
 Emailing your proofs to will help ensure the correct photo is retouched.
All non-rush orders are currently running 6-8 weeks for delivery.
(Rush orders are counted from the day we receive your order form, proof and payment)        
If you do not note changes they will be made at Toni’s discretion. All cropping is at the discretion of the Retoucher.      
The fastest way to get a response is to private message Toni Overby on Facebook.
All Pay Pal payments must be made to:    
This email doesn't accept incoming mail, if you have questions please email
Any and all images could be used for advertising purposes at any time.